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BRF Products

Posted by Carlota on February 15, 2018 with Comments Closed
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For a fast research in the Internet on chemical product BRF, the little that I found it was that one is about an used product to delay flames in case of a fire. A point that the author does not cite, and this yes is preoccupying and has sufficiently reference of studies the respect is on the agricultural products and veterinarians used in the agropastoril sector. In face of stated periods to eliminate agricultural financings, a bigger productivity for planted area (defensive against plagues and fertilizers), many they are the substances that if can find in some vegetables, a time that is difficult to all control the grace period of such elements in thousand of tons of vegetables and fruits produced in the country.

Ademais we have the greed of the great producers of these products that want to always vender more, without if worrying about the consumers and of eye in the high edges of profit, little if mattering with the results in long stated period, in the case of the cumulative poisoning of some of these products in the man. 152-c1-276268’>Intel. According to Project of Analysis of Residues of Agrotxicos in Foods (For), carried through for the national Agency of Sanitary Monitoring (Anvisa) in 2.001, was analyzed diverse vegetables, fruits and vegetables to see the contamination degree. Between the samplings, the foods that had been contaminated with a bigger frequency had been: chili (80.0%), grape (56.40%), cucumber (54.80%), strawberry (50.80%), borecole (44.20%), pineapple (44.10%), papaya (38.80%), lettuce (38.40%), tomatoe (32.60%) beetroot (32.00%).

The question of the system of production and its logistic one, treated in the documentary nothing more are of what the logic of a molded global capitalism in the consumerism without limits. Particularly in U.S.A., a system politician total dependent and submisso the great enterprise corporations, and this is undisputed fact.