Tutoring Of Plumbing

Posted by Carlota on July 16, 2019
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Greetings, this is a tutorial on plumbing. Water facilities are currently made with cross-linked 20 metallic or plastic bushing, drains make them with PVC pipe. flexible diameter 32 or 40 diameter. Then the first thing that we need is the material for work that will be cross-linked tubing 20 approximately 20 meters for a bath, 2 1/2-20, 5 terminals 1/2 elbows fittings – 20, 5 1/2, 3 T of 20-20 plastic plugs – 20, the machine pressing pieces of metallic CAP, a bit of teflon and a couple of plumbing as the spanner wrenches an iron, a fork, to make u bath will be more than enough. The second thing is that you have to know where and how Cup, dish, lavatory, bidet will. You have to design a drawing on paper of how it will be the new bathroom considering the following measures: model victoria Cup needs a supply of cold water to 25 cm from the Centre, which can go to the right or left side of the tank and 60 cm in height, and drain you need to be 21 cm from the wall, the pipe diameter is 110 or 125. the lavatory must have water, hot and cold drain the measures are focused in the area of the basin and 32 or 40 flexible PVC pipe inlets of water to 60 cm in height and 55 cm high diameter drain. The shower tray will need to have shots of water, hot and cold drain, measures are centered in the area of the plate and the water inlets to 110 cm in height and under the dish drain PVC pipe diameter 40 also will have to take into account the following which a cup occupies 40 cm and should be left about 20 cm to each side so that you can usea basin occupies approximately 60 cm up to 120 cm dish occupies 70cmx100, 75 120, 80x80cm are some of the measures most used but is always placed that closest to the measures of the bathroom.