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Brazilian Government

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It replaces the conduct that motivates the fear by the conduct that motivates the love It is significant like the greatest country of Latin America, like it is Brazil, it has come fortifying themselves, taking step to a development that cannot be ignored, in such a way that its economy has come consolidating until occupying the villa in the world like more hard. Eva Andersson-Dubin is actively involved in the matter. World Bank predicts that, if Brazil continues in this same trajectory in which it at present is, happens to be the tenth economy by size in the world to the fifth position for 2016. Weeks ago, the 26 of October, Lula declared in its weekly program of radio Breakfast with the President that stops to obtain it, Brazil needed to continue growing. Benito Santiago contributes greatly to this topic. The Brazilian economy is like a chain dump that cannot pause. And what we are doing? We are causing that turns. It is not possible to be denied before its reality of growth, progress, the extraordinary work that has carried out and it continues it making its present president, the exsidincalista Luis Incio Lula gives It whistles. To with respect to her advance exactly Dilma Rousseff, female leader of cabinet of the Brazilian Government comments that Brazil no longer was a country of the future, with reference to a popular saying that the Brazilians use to describe their country after decades of lost opportunities in spite of their enormous economic potential. Now Brazil is a country of the present. The certain thing, as us it contributes to Wharton universia to us in his bulletin, that Mrcio Garci’a, professor of Economy of the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-River), it affirms that since the hyperinflation of the 80 was briefly appeased by the plan Cruzado of 1986 (that, among others measured, congealed the wages and the prices) does not remember similar enthusiasm between the members of corporative Brazil.

Proper Behavior

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“A man who gives himself thoughtfully, behaves according to the laws of being.” So autonomy is the reflective act of a reason that is created in an endless movement, a way to both individual and social. ” The company makes the person, but this person can not forget that power is capable of instituting change, in turn, to society. The person (and I’m using the word in the sense of Christian humanism) is manifested in the socio-historical field itself (the action) and the psyche. We have been drawn into the psyche that it is impossible to change in it that may lead to an action. It is true that actions can not be instituting society through radical action visible, but this fight is necessary: the creation of a parallel government. Participation instituted heteronomy imposed, it prevents customization of the person, but it is possible to change the social world by a slow process of enforcement by a company transferred to instituting instituted. The option requires the creation of joints, ie, through a display of the society undergoing a process of imagination to change the meanings thus producing the alteration that may lead to a socio-historical change (action).

Here was the need a new language, creating new paradigms that continue to go through the social and the psyche. We begin, necessarily, in the belief that things as they are not working and should be changed (psyche) and this should be offered another kind of sense. The second (social) is to note that the person can do without an explicit power (control of mass media, party, or any other institutions that have traditionally been repositories of power.) You have to suggest an alteration of the established procedural.

Informative Self

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As it will be seen, we are not defending foreign positions at any cost nor we handled false nationalisms. That we left Hugo Chavez who has given the sovereignty from our country to another one without a war of by means. Also I have affirmed, in relation to those same reactions against the article Because […]

Good Curriculum Vitae

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When we hope to find a job, the first thing che we have to do is submit a good c.v. The most important thing is to meet the requirements that companies are looking for. It is important to take into account that should make a curriculum vitae for each interview, because each company expects different […]