Araujo Albuquerque River

Posted by Carlota on May 9, 2014
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The infinite wisdom spilled here is one only: To practise, to practise, to practise. The man, all man receives to rising ones dons, which is given to be able to help to it in the creation of its paradise. He is of its choice to construct or not. But it is good for knowing, that you if will only become constructor of its life, if for knowing to use the received talentos, them are not ready is necessary to whet, to refine, so that true useful tools become. It makes this, it catches its talentos, it deepens sensitivity in it involved; it refines the perception of what it is related and it learns to be a master in the talent that was presenteado to it. It does not think that this exempts to possess any talent, what it can be lacking to it is will to look e, mainly, will to work its body, to bring this talent to tona and to make to blossom it. It observes however and very well-taken care of with this, all the talentos had been given in them to produce the good.

It does not make as the Jellyfish that believed to be able to use its beauty to enchant and to gain personal benefits with its beauty and what it resulted, was to tan a curse for the remaining portion of the life? hair of serpents and look that petrifies Sad thus. The life was made pr to spend You believes that the life was made to gather corporeal properties. You believe that its happiness is atrelada to the amount of good that makes use, to the amount of pleasure that can make use. I do not know if this well it is thus, you needs to deeply review the ideologies that nail this behavior. If you have an car and therefore she is happy. E, in the following day this condition is modified because its neighbor bought one novinho, much more expensive, prettier, more powerful.

E now you feel inferiorizado e, unfortunate person therefore, are hour to review its standards of behavior and, mainly, its concepts of happiness, because this is a thread without end. who paid a counts is the extreme suffering of the nature, of the poor persons and beggars. The little time left in periodicals a notice the 25 richer men the world and it was there the Eike for the first time Baptist, in an intermediate position? according to it daqui to some years will be in first place – it has it to God? because today the man already has money, as much that of pra to kill the hunger of an entire country, and what it makes, only posa. They remember of what Salomo said: everything is vanity. Then? if the life is made pra to spend? we in search of health, peace, harmony, art let us spend and of knowledge. Knowledge of God who allowed in them to live and not knowledge that in them they lead to the embrutecimento and the return the animalidade, as the finances, for example. We go to spend the life, with our rebentos? we go to teach to them to be people to it, free, pensantes and only productive in joys and happiness of the next one. But this is enough in them.