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This creates a unique Passwortstring which is communicated through a private channel via USB to the SafeStick hardware controller. This Passwortstring is on the SafeStick again with a hash value “stamped”. The password twice marked in this way is used to generate the key with a random number generator on the hardware (the USB stick), which encrypts all data stored by the user with 256-bit AES. Prudential has similar goals. The hardware is completely epoxy hardened. This technique guarantees that SafeStick really complies with high security, which had claimed the U.S. manufacturer of the affected USB sticks for only. According to the maker, so far not affected sticks in Europe were sold. In Germany, companies and Government agencies SafeStick take advantage of the secure storage of sensitive data on a USB stick.

With the additional administration software SafeConsole can you all SafeSticks of an organization to centrally manage and configure. Links: safestick_safeconsole_usb_management.html security/competing-products-contain-serious-flaw-safestick emergency affected / newsticker/meldung/NIST-zertifizierte-USB-Sticks-mit-Hardware-Verschluesselung-geknackt-894962.html Holey hardware encryption makes usb-sticks-to IM security risk /? cid = IWKnewsletter-weekly-html system consulting is specialized since 1992 in the areas of client management and security solutions. From consulting and programming via the verTrieb up to the installation of: Constantly looking for simple SoftwareLosungen for complex needs in IT management and system administration, which facilitate the work of users the IT system House. It developed its own products OPTIMALLY system consulting or extended and improved existing solutions. In Germany and Austria, as well as the German-speaking areas of Switzerland and Italy, the user supplies OPTIMAL either directly or with the help of the ausgedehnten partner network. OPTIMAL system consulting is member of the Federal Association of SMEs (BVMW) and whose competence circle IT. contact: OPTIMAL system consulting Bert Rheinbach Dennewartstrasse 27 52068 Aachen + 49.241.531088-250 press contact: Faltmann PR Faltmann Sabine Marshall Hall Road 23 52066 Aachen + 49.241.5707357