Goldman Sachs

Posted by Carlota on September 15, 2016
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“Founded in 1869, Goldman Sachs is a leading global investment banking, securities and investment management firm. Headquartered in New York, we maintain offices in all major financial centers around the world.”

Two thousands twelve have arrived with their respective balance from landmarks past and predictions at future. Gurs of the T.I has sent a series of prognoses with two common points: in the future that has begun already, the information will have to be to hiper accessible and shared. It emphasizes, therefore, the bet by the services cloud and of mobility. With this one context, the absolute success of the social networks cannot surprise anybody. And, nevertheless, always we have left pending challenges and subjects like their integration to the labor life. In the Spanish company the climate of distrust towards public the social networks seems generalized: according to the statistics, three of each four companies have restricted to their employees the access to Facebook or Twitter (Report Kaspersky Labs published by the Country ). Probably, this happens because a shattering majority of reticent considers that the external social networks are a distractor element.

But, what would happen if instead of to represent one distraction these tools supposed an element of cohesion and management of the knowledge? In other words, are conscious the Spanish corporations of the value that can have this knowledge managed well? The integration of the networks of diffusion and social propagation in the corporative and professional tools is a step that necessarily we will have to give to reach the efficiency in the company. Indeed, one is to be efficient and not only to be effective or, which is equal, to work of more intelligent form, not harder. How can a corporative Intranet help us to obtain these objectives? We can see it with a fictitious example. A company X is dedicated to the development of projects and has delegations in five capitals of Spain. In 2009, the North zone had problems to implant a project.