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Posted by Carlota on March 7, 2020
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In the history of the business world, there is a very interesting story that made a big difference in leadership. Between 70 and 80, the company step Fiat of a position of close to collapse to one of sustained growth that drove the Italian company to be the second most profitable in the world, according to Fortune magazine, this company’s success could be attributed to a generation of managers and executives who distinguished himself by his leadership skillsfor their creativity and their commitment to the objectives and goals of the company, they questioned are these questions but the interesting thing is that they gave the answer: how transferring these skills to new managers? How to teach these skills, behaviors, missions and visions to future generations of a company? If your company is small or large, you’ll need sometime to delegate the responsibilities of your business. Who is going to run your business? A son, an employee, a Manager external, who? If you can not choose who is who will lead your company, you’ll face a big problem that could lead to the bankruptcy of the company, or simply your growth will stagnate and not by stabilization if not for lack of leadership. Leadership is the ability of a person of thinking and acting to go to progress, not to stagnate. Stagnate is a synonym for failure, is the lack of creativity, it is the lack of a leader. I write this article because I know that there are people like you, looking for learn to be better, to be leaders, to develop your leadership, because you have goals although not well established, these objectives will move to investigate and obtain the necessary information to develop your leadership. It is important as I said at the beginning, have leadership and know how to transmit these skills, very few leaders know that they must teach their skills to guarantee the development, growth and success in the future. If you look at you around, you’ll see people with normal business but not they are preparing to transmit their knowledge, or perhaps are not even leaders, and here is where I also ask: are you a leader in power? Do you have leadership in what you do? Are you a follower instead of a leader? Wherever you califiques within these three questions, you are right, but the interesting thing is that these already getting conscience that you can become a leader of action, effective and successful.

Normally, a person does not think that it is successful. He is only dedicated to study and get a job and becomes a professional employee, he spends working life, not enjoying life. Ignores what could be their success, perhaps never will have it. But, you you read this article, if you’re going to do, are going to develop your leadership and become a leader of action, will discover your dream of leader and get success in your life. I assure you. Sincerely. Manuel Hernandez, your coach of the successful creator of the course: Become a leader of action.