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Posted by Carlota on March 22, 2018
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The lessons also in the premises of the school in Rhine mountain can take place if necessary. Flexibility in dates and times for courses is capitalized in Rheinberg. So courses a day or evening can take place the team to Sylvia pace is the right solution. Mortimer teaching focus focus of Mortimer English club in the free speech and understanding of the English language. A special methodology, innovative teaching materials and highly motivated trainers, students achieve very good success, as they can hardly produce classic teaching situations. “With role-playing, presentations and written exercises (texts, letters, emails…) when the students” consolidated new vocabulary and language inhibitions continuously mined. Trains are also active voice in discussions, role plays and practical situations. Also: Business Etiquette, phone training, dates of agree, hotels reservation, write business letters or resumes, lead staff and interviews, create requests and offers, orders give up purchasing and sales, price negotiations lead, edit claims, book flights, organize food and drinks for business dinners, presentations, advertising, lead log, explain charts and much more.

An appointment for a free consultation with placement test by phone at: 02844 9009794 or via the Internet: about Mortimer English Club Mortimer English club is a specialist for English lessons for many years. In 300 Mortimer clubs nationwide learned and many thousand students learn the English language enthusiastically and successfully. Mortimer English club was established in order to give the opportunity for children and adults, English with ease and without pressure. Is taught according to the method of the mother-tongue learning: informal and with all their senses. The priority is on understanding and free speech. “” “” The courses: English for children “(2 to 10 years old), English for students” (English support and tutoring), everyday English for adults “(from 19 to 99 years) and business English” (for the successful international communication).