Posted by Carlota on May 8, 2020
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Mrio since that it was born faced familiar problems. The very aggressive father killed the wife with rifle, leaving the youngster, then with eighteen years, disturbed. The boy, already rebelled with the atrocity of the father, always desired to avenge the death of the mother. With this, Paula, pretty, fighting, studious and careful a young woman knew with the body. When Mrio knew Paula, the same found the way to finish with the disillusion to live. Both had been if knowing until they had decided to prepare itself to marry in the best church that found. The engagement if gave two years of namoro after. Until in the day of the bachelor farewell, Mrio if puts again in confusion, as said previously.

In homricas consequence of the fight of Mrio, the marriage was cancelled forever. Paula decided to give an end in that romance all. The youngster little imported itself with the separation, since he distrusted of the former-fianc and due to the fact to opt to the drink in detriment to marry if with the young woman. With the end of the relationship, it was lost hope of recovery on the part of Mrio. This did not have more escape, that is, it lost the lucidity. The friends not more if they found with the youngster. The situation was sufficiently critical, therefore Mrio delivered the vices to it without real possibilities of recovery.

During the remain of its life, Mrio was interned in the recovery clinic, without aid of friends. However, its father reappears to pay the treatment and to take care of of the son. Without conditions to reject, Mrio finishes accepting the interference of that long ago it caused the problems of the life of the youngster. So that reencontro enters both if of this Paula bind for Sr.Jorge delivering the son after 10 years of abandonment. The father of the youngster, after to leave of the envolvement in crimes, comprehensively decided to assume the case of the son. This was the only form that Jorge found to redeem itself of what he makes with the only son in the past. The only one would be this to have hope of lucidity of the son Could until being that it was, but the father died in two years of cares with the son. Without support of the patriarch, the clinic receives the youngster definitively. However, the lucidity of the youngster was lost in the space and the time, what it was concluded with mental deterioration of Mrio. Without escape, Mrio died of overdose.