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The European Union

Posted by Carlota on August 5, 2013 with Comments Closed
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On the one hand creates a sort of million not welcome people who must be taken out of the societies in which they live and where they have relationships and family and can be massively imprisoned or deported. For normal Europeans that new hunting of witches is something that will promote intolerance, racism and xenophobia, which will weaken their citizens freedoms system, which will give more recruits to Al Qaeda and that will cost them a fortune to implement new detention or concentration of irregular fields. Also affect several poor countries who will be deprived of important remittances sent them their citizens working in the EU and it will force to have to receive tens or hundreds of thousands of returnees by altering the labour market. All this will destabilize democracies such as Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia and other Nations that have at least half a million of his compatriots in Europe. The European Union itself shows its contradictions. It fought for decades to make crumble Soviet authoritarianism to showing the advantages of a parliamentary democracy. However, this account today with 7 heads of State that have never been elected by anybody (monarchs).

On the other hand, the relative Socialist egalitarianism in the East end has led to be crumbling to the system of social benefits in the West and to grow the social polarization between rich and poor Europeans. The EU has also striven to liberalize to Latin America and the third world, but at the same time calling to the markets of poor countries are open to their products and capital rejected the mobility of people and the free movement (without which there can be give, in fact, a true free trade). At the same time the EU calls to expand recruiting new former socialist countries the hardest are being immigrants from the third world because while opens the labor market to citizens of the new countries partners who newly arrive, seeks to debug the Latino, African and oriental immigrants who have been working years or five-year periods in the EU. A truly democratic Union should be one in which all their heads of State and parliaments are elected, in that all those who live in it (aside from the place where you were born) have rights to vote and to be resident and in which all of its instances are popularly elected. The EU, however, has a very special democracy.

If previously not recognized the right to vote and residence to millions of undocumented workers now you want to detain them or deport them in mass. He managed to bring down the Communist dictatorships, but instead of extending its own democracy and reduce its social inequality, still heads of Been appointed for life and inelectos and increases the gap between those who have much and those who have nothing. It requests more powers to its continental Parliament to the pair that denies the right to their Nations to decide democratically if they want to or not a new Treaty and ask the only country who dared to vote to review its position or despised. Original author and source of the article.