The Controversial

Posted by Carlota on June 21, 2020
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It has advantages in the fact that they, in relation to deuses, limit them to be able and its functions. They conceive deuses as relatively superior beings to the men, in this point, many of deuses until had human being and that later they had become deuses. This limitation to the Deuses supplies to the people a merciful feeling to imitate and until competing with these same deuses. This capacity to try to imitate, or to inhale competition, originates certain virtues, such as the vitality, the courage, the magnanimity, the love to the freedom and all the virtues that a noble and great being makes of the man. It is easy to see such idea when we search the heroes heathen as Hrcules, Teses, Heitor and Rmulo. These heroes, who were constituted with being possible and if they detached for its bravuras, courage, force and incorruptibilidade, stopped bloody wars against monsters and tyrants with intention to defend of its native lands and peoples, and, histories of its heroic acts were reasons of pride and espelhamento.

An example of as these virtues reaches the man, was the case of Alexander ' ' Grande' ' , therefore, the expeditions military made by it, had been motivated by histories of force and bravery of the heroes and Hrcules and Baco. However politesmo, as well as the paganismo lacks of logical arguments. In many of its texts it has many contradictions supported for an authority degree that, in accordance with Hume (2005: 86), ' ' The old tradition, supported for the priests and the heathen theologians, is a weak bedding and in them it transmitted a number so great of contradictory versions, supported all they for an equal authority, that if becomes absolutely impossible to choose one amongst them. Therefore, some few volumes could contain all the controversial writings of the heathen priests, and all its theology consists traditional more in fbulas in practical superstitious of what in arguments and controversies filosficas' ' In contradiction to the religions politestas, monotesmo not accepted and nor respects other deities, considering them as something useless, irrazovel desumano, without no possibility to supply to the men the best examples of a seen god as infinitely superior to everything.