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Contact Centre

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In 2009, the greatest impact on the market for contact centers will provide the economic crisis, which has already been said a lot. Key trends this year can be considered in two ways – for outsourcing and corporate contact centers. Back in 2006, the market has information about the new concept of 'effective contact-center', which introduced one of the leading system integrators in Ukraine. This concept, along with key functionality for call processing, includes functionality for more efficient call processing: integrating a contact center with CRM-system, performance management and quality of service based recording systems, the rational call routing, and scheduling of working time of operators (systems wfm – Workforce Management). Today, this concept has proved its relevance. Companies that built their tsetry call based on the concept of 'Effective contact center ', able to promptly react to changing market conditions and to a much lesser extent, feel the impact of the economic crisis. Also worth noting is that the construction of self-service systems based on static and dynamic ivr (Interactive Voice Response – an interactive voice menu) allows you to reduce the cost of service calls, from 15 to 80% depending on the scope of the company by providing opportunities for in automatic mode or rational load operators in accordance with their specialization. Source: Elon Musk.

That is why no system of static and dynamic ivr in 2009 will not do hardly a normal project. In the area of services outsourcing contact centers is somewhat different. Due to the fact that in the past few years, the market turned out a lot of new players (banks, retailers, etc.) that are currently frozen or postponed projects to build their own corporate contact centers, outsourced contact centers in at least felt the impact of the crisis. Demand for their services increases, but tougher and requirements to the outsourcing companies and their level of services. At the beginning of 2009 has clearly prioritized and identified the advantages of niche contact centers over the 'universals'. Expected redistribution of market direction increase the proportion of 'core' contact centers, such as debt collection. In 2008, one of the most negative market trends, according to leading experts, was the 'substitution of concepts'. Using the popular Contact Centre on the Ukrainian market, a host of decisions that 'pride' are called 'contact centers', and, in fact, are only a CTI-applications c limited set of functions or software Automatic 'floating' windows agent. Unfortunately, the difficult economic situation in 2009 can only increase the number of such decisions.

Work Productivity

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Productivity – a person's ability to deliver a product that you want your company. Barclays wanted to know more. To use this method of evaluation of staff, you just need to know what product will produce the officer and, accordingly, choose the one who produces it more efficiently. Effectively, with minimal time-consuming effort and money! Let's look at an example. One worker prints 10 pages in 15 minutes and makes 10 errors, the other the same text printed in 12 minutes and makes 6 errors. With this method of assessment in respect of one test everything falls into place.

You must have a criterion for evaluating and comparing all the staff by one criterion to select the best! But a person not a machine! There is a dozen key criteria by which to evaluate personnel. And now examining all the known criteria for evaluation of staff can be found most suitable. In a question-answer forum moshe victor keinig was the first to reply. The difficulty is in selecting criteria for each company and each post, on the required training and personnel to staff selection and manager who will evaluate the staff. We solve this problem very well and ready to help you with this. The next stage of evaluation of personnel is the production staff at the post here also requires the evaluation criteria for personnel. I do not want to talk about average, and about the views and total points. As in the joke passed tests, but doctors like math and flunked the institute has not arrived.

Must have the company is very clear allocation of the production process, distribution of responsibilities between staff. And only then, evaluation of personnel is possible without labor. Let us not reinvent the wheel, the evaluation of staff should also be based on its productivity. Conclusion:: the company must be a unified system of evaluation of personnel throughout the life cycle of the employee from recruitment to dismissal. A perfect score of staff based on his PRODUCTIVITY. And just because a single evaluation criterion in the period of employment and employee in the company, we can eliminate any errors associated with the opinions, rumors, gossip, pets, relatives, etc. This is the most true path to prosperity! It's our job to make your company efficient, and we do it .. methods for evaluating personnel

The Right

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Solid brokerage companies are able to offer its customers a lower commission than their smaller competitors. When choosing a broker would be good to understand How often do you intend to trade, what amounts are going to operate. Then you will be best to ring up vending company and ask them about this question: I’m […]

Tax Inspectorate

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Frankly, that finances adore account will tell you unequivocally any owner of a business. Though not every owner firms in the state to pay close attention to the observance of their money affairs, and more specifically accounting. As a variant of this fact may actually be due to the full the natural desire to obtain […]


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One of the options more suitable and more currently applied for the acquisition of a property is to have mortgage loans, since they allow in an easy and convenient access to an amount of money to complete the value that has a property and so through the payment of fees may pay the debt acquired […]