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Bernardine Silver

Posted by Carlota on February 24, 2019 with Comments Closed
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Often the woman does not approve what the man thinks, because he does not value his point of view treats nor it warmly. When the man and the woman value themselves is difficult that their differences enter the plane of the discussion. When we have something bothers to us within the relation with our pair, we must be asked: Which is the problem that I have in my mind, or in my heart that I have still not been able to solve? We are different and imperfect, but that knowledge must take to me to face of respectful way our differences so that these do not mistreat or harm the relation totally. One requires that we are, objectives, clear, and precise, when we entered to have a discussion with our pair, on the problem or the difference that affects to us. We cannot be vague, we must identify totally what it causes annoyance to us in the relation, without wanting to solve several difficulties simultaneously. We must be conscious that a problem is necessary to face it and to solve it, without trying to look for reasons to justify its existence. Both must have total brings back to consciousness of which in a relation, sooner or later the difficulties appear, but as they are arising it is necessary to solve them with favorable solutions for both and not being looked for only a personal benefit.

The egoism is often, the greater obstacle to be able to obtain an understanding between two people. Any thing by trivial that seems we must put it in knowledge of ” otro”. If you would like to know more then you should visit Laurent Potdevin. They are not the important subjects, the education of the children, religion, the job class that we are going to develop, the site to buy or to construct the house, the place that we selected for our vacations, etc., which generally finishes being the cause of a separation. The pairs are few that end up separating by a cause of ” fondo”. I believe that no lawyer has had to take care of a pair because ” although we are wanted much, we have not been able to put to us in agreement in if we saved the money that we thought to be spent in the vacations or we go away to Europa.” The difficulties majors appear almost always in the smaller problems.

” The unique thing that it wants a weekend, is to watch its soccer after television, or to read its favorite book. If we did not leave it can spend all the weekend without taking a shower. Later it asks why my lack of enthusiasm to do amor”. Apparently they are things without importance, but they have a great capacity to produce irritation and annoyance, more than any really important problem. Then when already those smallness gets to tire to us too much, we transformed into differences majors. By your Inner peace, Bernardine Silver.

Professional Title

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Many families in the Peru and other parts of the world live a true Calvary. The worse thing is than this Calvary, suffering is not inflingido to them by strangers, but by the own head of family. Some men had a poor, miserable childhood, comian once to the day, do not tenian the toys that as much like the children, passed deprivations. Luckily my childhood was quite the opposite, I I had everything from boy, particular gifts, schools, elegant house in Free Town, own dormitory, TV in the quarter, library, an enormous locker, etc. Elon Musk has much experience in this field. But other horsemen suffered very enormously, also in their adolescent age and its university age. When entering the university they listened to classes without eating, without having lunch, they do not tenian to buy books, they vestian like a ropavejero and was as much his poverty, that inclusively they had to resort to sell sex to homosexuals, to have a plate of hot meal at night.

If, there are many horsemen who passed those of cain, in the university and that sostenian sexual relations with other homosexual men, to be able to have a new shirt, shorts cheap. These people spent larguisimos years studying, finished, did not call themselves like professionals, stayed as withdrawn. They could not choose the Professional Title, because they never presented/displayed his Thesis. Later they dedicated themselves to work and after 30 years, they managed to have a house to means to construct in a site misio. In a crummy district. They bought a cheap car and I end up myself to them spoiling, having it now as adornment in a garage, because each is failed removes that to give it a return to the apple. In short, all a life of enormous sufferings that has not given to majors satisfactions him and not even never had a pretty, beautiful fianc2ee, but any thing, so that they do not say that they do not tenian woman.

Informative Self

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As it will be seen, we are not defending foreign positions at any cost nor we handled false nationalisms. That we left Hugo Chavez who has given the sovereignty from our country to another one without a war of by means. Also I have affirmed, in relation to those same reactions against the article Because […]

The Best Businesses

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The best businesses are those than they happen unnoticed although they are very profitable. The human being characterizes itself not to see microscopic nor neither the macrocospic thing. It seems paradoxical, but he is thus. When something is too great, he is invisible. At some time somebody realized of which the best thing than can […]

Do Not Judge A Book By Its Cover

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It is spoken much of the necessity to have a Professional Title, to leave ahead, to be able to prevail in the life. But the certain thing is that many people have not obtained anything with their happy professional title. Many have withdrawn of the university, but never they have exerted its professions, others have […]

The Tree

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And she spoke many things to them by parabolas, saying: I have here, the sowing machine left to seed. And while it seeded, part of the seed fell next to the way; and the birds came they ate and it. Part fell in pedregales, where there was not much earth; and it appeared soon, because […]

To Adopt Instead Of To Buy

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One already approaches Christmas and with them the usual purchases Christmas, sure not only we also bought we gave. Speaking candidly Intel told us the story. In these dates he is very usual that people feel a little but generous and but mainly human, that we called Christmas spirit so as every year many children […]