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The Day

Posted by Carlota on January 9, 2014 with Comments Closed
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Great breaches exist to win that every moment that passes they are making greater as far as the form in which the social classes are organized and divided, a normal person of low class or average – conceives impossible to arrive at the power and to make changes unless she is by means of which they facilitate it and these others that they have to be able economic, political and social within the regime, it is than clear more that to get to be part of the elites and consequently of the political class one is due to count on much cleverness and charisma to gain to the people and to construct good social relations that they helped us to climb more and more high in the social and political pyramid, is necessary to be astute to know which are the relations that agrees to us and to be able, not to exceed the obstacles, but to avoid them. The corruption, the unique law respected in our country, takes clearly an important paper and is one of the most common ways chosen by many, since it is a way very easy to avoid the ties and from the beginning to reach of comfortable way but the raised objectives, this causes that the citizens we stop believing in the policy and everything what includes consequently and exists but apathy, people in the ballot boxes, to choose its leaders arrives thinking who will make less damages to their interests, or he does not even go to him through the mind at least to rise of his bed to vote or to annul his vote because its fatalistic thought makes think that always it will be bread with the same. The government is the one in charge to contribute to education, security and good quality of life to the citizens which in our Mexico pretty and wanted is than clear more is not possible, since the interests of this do not include that, since if it educates the society will be arming to them to be able to question the actions of this and this form to clear them of the power, by the same is that unhealthy places and precarious conditions live in, living to the day eating what they often can and not doing it, the government instead of to generate uses and to give good education so that this does not exist prefers to wash the hands and to leave them of side doing because they do not exist and this instead of to eradicate the problem it brings of the hand a species of chain of situations since people in extreme poverty are hungry and there is no another form to obtain money and foods more than committing crimes, being united to the narcotics traffickers who promise to better conditions of life, harvesting marijuana and poppy to them since this is more income-producing than to harvest maize or wheat they prefer and it in addition not to inherit the poverty to his children, this has created that nowadays exists extreme insecurity which creates a total crisis of the political system since a State without security cannot be considered like so, the citizens even feel uncertain to show itself by the door of its house, do not know that the day provides to them, if they will return to his homes or if when arrives they found that they did not leave anything them because they have robbed to them. .

Economic Reformation

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As it says an old and well-known proverb: Better takes that never. Thus Zapatero could be caratular upon presentment of the economic plan of the government of Rodriguez with whom he will look for to obtain that the Spanish economy manages to recover of the crisis strikes that it and that maintains worried beside the point to all their population. Although he was delayed (for some, perhaps too much), the Spanish government designed a plan that announced by the end of the past week and that contemplates structural reforms to overcome the present economic situation. This plan contemplates, among others reforms, facilities so that the population can accede to the purchase of houses protected with the primary target to reimpel to the sector and to solve the residential problem that undergoes the population, while also it contemplates reforms to benefit to the Spanish SMEs. But Of what the economic plan announced the past week consists? Basically, the plan contemplates in 24 economic reforms that will be carried out in 2009 and 2010. These reforms are concentrated in fortifying six strategic sectors for the Spanish economy as they are the one of house, sector SME, the power sector, the one of telecommunications, the one of transport and the one of climatic change. Within the project the reduction of administrative loads in 70 procedures is considered to increase the competitiveness and productivity of the companies. The project implies in addition the injection to 20,000 million Euros in the Spanish economy. On the other hand, beyond these measures, Zapatero took advantage of the announcement to suggest to him to the European Central bank that lowers the interest rates in case the international price of petroleum continues lowering. It is that this measurement would benefit to the Spanish economy since the restrictive monetary policy that comes ahead taking the BCE harms it doubly, because it is not to him of utility to control the inflation and aggravates the competitiveness of his companies.